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Unique Al Palatino Garden Restaurant of Kolbe Hotel in Rome, Italy

Old Roman structures can give unexpected labyrinths of rooms and gardens in their internal spaces. Kolbe Hotel is among one of them. As you walk through its front door and cross the lobby, another door opens to a peaceful oasis. A garden with centuries-old olive trees, citrus trees and a manicured lawn that surround Unique Al Palatino Garden Restaurant greets its guests. In the bustling city of Rome, it’s something that’s quite unexpected.

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Hotel Shangri-La in Rome, Italy: Reopening with Style

When Hotel Shangri-La closed its doors in E.U.R. for the last time last 30 July 2017, the capital lost a piece of its modern story because for 47 years, the Romans had a token of memory attached to the elegance and hospitality that the hotel provided. In December 2018, after a year and a half, Hotel Shangri-La opened its doors once again, revealing a total new look and identity.

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Itinerant Tasting of Sensi Wines at The Pantheon Iconic Hotel in Rome, Italy

The tastings of wines don’t have to confine us in brightly-lit rooms with white walls while attending to quarter-filled glasses and scribbling of analyses in notebooks. Wine tasting is about relishing the precious alcoholic drink that has evolved from fruit to juice to wine, given by nature and perfected by the hands and minds of the people working behind the bottles. It has its own sense of beauty that has to be savored in an equally aesthetic ambience.


The Resplendent 125 Years of Hotel Hassler Hospitality in Rome, Italy

Hotel Hassler, an icon of the capital for its luxuriant hospitality for more than a century, stands proud just a few meters from the Church of the Trinità dei Monti on top of the Spanish Steps. It has recently renovated and it still maintains its high standard of quality and affluence in perfect balance with its historical past, present and future.

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Luxury Hotel in the Roero Hills: Castello di Guarene in Piedmont, Italy

What a wealthy nobleman built in the eighteenth century from an existing Medieval castle for seven centuries still stands with its original splendor on top of the hills of Roero while it dominates the town of Guarene. The castle went through a redesigning and rebuilding by Count Carlo Giacinto Roero di Guarene who was an important aristocratic figure in Piedmont and also an amateur architect.

Castello di Meleto in Gaiole in Chianti (Tuscany), Italy

Castello di Meleto is an 11th-century castle that belonged to the Benedictine monks of the Badia di Coltibuono in the splendid countryside of Tuscany. It is immersed in the soft hills of Gaiole in Chianti between Florence and Siena. Over the centuries the castle has changed identity and ownership from a military post to a noble country home but its original structure remained. Between noble families and military troops in periods of different wars, the castle withstood time and harsh elements.


Empire Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy: Cocktails in Summer

A glass of red watermelon juice, cubes of ice, a dash of vodka, a sprinkle of Sprite, a spritz of lime and for a festive touch, a skewer of watermelon balls.
That’s how summer starts in the courtyard of Empire Palace Hotel. Bartender Momo of the Corte delle Stelle of Empire Palace Hotel concocted this very refreshing watermelon cocktail for this summer and called it Angurotka.

Ristorante and B&B Li Jalantuùmene in Monte Sant’ Angelo (Puglia), Italy

When you are pointing your travels towards the region of Puglia (Apulia), in southern Italy, there is a plenitude of towns to visit.
Be it any area, the Apulian characteristics are nevertheless notable with its whitewashed houses, pristine beaches along the Adriatic Sea, mountains, tradition, wines, extra virgin olive oil and cuisine. Being a sunny area with Mediterranean climate, locally produced ingredients are considered some of the best in the country. The soil and climate give intense flavors to the fresh produce harvested which directs the cuisine to a higher level of quality, tradition and distinctive tastes.

Art Street Food: Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps, located at Via Margutta is an artistically-inspired 4-star hotel in one of the best streets in Rome where history, art, high fashion and gourmet food are at your fingertips. Located in a quiet inner cobblestone road between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, this hotel has a perfect position to relax in after a long day of sightseeing or shopping in the the capital.


Palazzo Montemartini in Rome, Italy: Dinner With the Chefs of Ragosta Hotels Collection

Ragosta Hotels Collection is a group of four 5-star hotels in Rome, Amalfi Coast and Taormina. The locations of the four hotels are in some of Italy’s most beautiful corners. Palazzo Montemartini is in the heart of Rome, La Plage Resort is located in front of Isola Bella at Taormina in Sicily while the other two, Hotel Raito and Relais Paradise are located in the ancient Etruscan town of Vietri Sul Mare in the Amalfi Coast.

Castello di Granarola Hotel in Gradara, Italy

Castello di Granarola Hotel in Gradara, Italy

Old castles have unique characters and stories that breathe from its walls and grounds. From north to south, Italy is dotted with them and from town to town, the sizes depend on the wealth of the town and settlers in the ancient times. The important ones have been converted to museums and hold the ancient treasures found in the area. But there are also the minor castles with histories of their own, some maintained well by the succession of heirs while some are forgotten while nature slowly takes over it.

Porta Caeli (Vinero) Winery, Hotel and Spa in Thrace, Turkey

Porta Caeli (Vinero) Winery, Hotel and Spa in Thrace, Turkey

Arriving at Porta Caeli Winery from a 4-hour road trip from Istanbul, the hotel and the well-maintained rows of grape vines welcomed our group with a clamoring sight of beautiful modernity that blended with its surroundings. Leaving a very urbanized setting to go through the countryside gave me a different perspective of the country. Turkish countryside is a stark contrast from the vibrancy of Istanbul. It’s like going back in time – pleasant, relaxed and simple.

Adoral Boutique Hotel in Rabac, Croatia
Adoral Boutique Hotel in Rabac, Croatia

In this post, I am featuring a very nice discovery in Rabac, Croatia. It’s a small, elegant hotel that’s impeccably clean and with a service that makes you feel right at home. When I went to Rabac, it was the end of June when the summer season hasn’t taken off completely yet. The places were not crowded yet and it was already great to sunbathe without getting too baked but a dip in the water was still too cold for most. For the water to be warmer, I guess we had to wait for a couple more weeks, around mid-July.


Relais La Tenuta Del Gallo in Amelia (Umbria), Italy

When the gates of Relais La Tenuta Del Gallo closed behind me, I swore that I would go back. My lunch there was not enough to completely appreciate the whole place. I was just passing through for lunch after I discovered it in the restaurant list of the Michelin Guide for Amelia. The relais is a little paradise tucked in the middle of the countryside a few kilometers outside the walled town of Amelia. The villa was originally built in the 17th-century and set on a sprawling area of 1,000 square meters of gardens, fields and walking paths with an incredible unobstructed view of the beautiful landscape of Umbria. It was enchanting!

Arcadia Vineyards and Bakucha Vineyard Hotel in Northern Thrace, Turkey

Arcadia Vineyards and Bakucha Vineyard Hotel in Northern Thrace, Turkey

While the sun was rising, we drove through Thrace countryside making our way from Vinero Winery to Arcadia Vineyards on the last day of our Turkish press trip. With 3 hours traveling time in between them (but just about 2 hours from Istanbul), we left Vinero with our boxed breakfasts at half past six in the morning, groggy from a very early start, with the still dark skies looming above us. At around ten, we finally entered Arcadia Vineyards‘ estate as Zeynep Arca Salliel met us with an enthusiastic welcome.

Palm Court of Hotel Hassler in Rome, Italy

Palm Court of Hotel Hassler in Rome, Italy

Ask any Roman about Hotel Hassler and he will immediately tell you that it’s the most historical luxurious five-star hotel in Rome. Its guest book boasts a lineup of royalty families, dignitaries, celebrities, and business leaders beginning from its construction in 1893. Its 140 years of history of being one of the greatest gem in hospitality known throughout the world had never left the hands of two great families of hoteliers, the Buchers and the Wirths. At present, President and General Manager Roberto Wirth, descendant of the families oversees Hotel Hassler in keeping the hospitality that his family is known for its timeless grandeur.

Amistà 33 Ristorante in Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà in Verona, Italy

Amistà 33 Ristorante in Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà in Verona, Italy

Beauty is represented in different ways. Five-star hotels are always lavishly decorated and are so luxurious that you never want to leave them. Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà is all of the above and even much more. It’s a contemporary art gallery housed in a 15th century villa created by architect Michele Sanmichele then later completed by distinguished architect Ignazio Pellegrini in the 1700s. A 20,000 square-meter manicured Italian garden surrounds the elegant villa. Byblos, as it is known worldwide as a prominent Italian fashion house, has crossed the borders from fashion to art, hospitality and dining.


La Meridiana Resort Relais & Chateaux

Three years have passed since my last visit to La Meridiana Resort in the summer of 2014 but it seems just like yesterday when I last set foot on the grounds of my favorite hotel. Nothing much has changed. The atmosphere is still the same as I remember it to be. Luxurious, welcoming, cozy, professional and closely feels like a home away from home. And now there is Posh, a Pembroke Welsh Corgie whom proprietors Alessandra and Edmondo Segre have fondly added to their family recently.  She has taken the role of welcoming all the guests with her perennially smiling face while her four short legs make decisive strides towards her family’s new guests. A long sniff here, a friendly look there, perhaps even a smile can escape from her then you are approved before she goes back to her post at the entrance of the hotel. Welcome to La Meridiana Resort Relais & Chateaux!