Rowena Dumlao is a food and wine writer living in Italy for 22 years. She is also a certified sommelier with Associazione Italiana Sommelier and also a certified French Wine Scholar after passing the course about French regions and their wines in France. She is behind this online guide as well as Apron and Sneakers.  She has more than a decade of experience in writing and photographing at Apron and Sneakers and other online magazines and sites like She Knows, Skinny Miss, Mode, Thanksgiving, A Luxury Travel Blog, Honest Cooking Online Magazine, iBalsamic, and China Wine News. In February 2018, she decided to branch out to an online food, wine and travel guide in Italy and Europe while still maintaining Apron and Sneakers. She recently photographed and co-wrote The New Filipino Kitchen: Stories and Recipes Around the Globe with Agate Publishing. Currently, she is a contributing writer for China Wine News and Honest Cooking Online Magazine.

The Chosen Table is an online guide about restaurants, hotels, wineries, travel destinations and enogastronomic events in Italy and around Europe.

If you would like to collaborate with her, send an email at weng.dumlao@gmail.com.

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