Mixology and Verve at Metropolita Cocktail Bar in Rome, Italy

Mixology, music and contemporary design on a two-storey structure that you can’t miss as you drive along the Tiber River at the height of Lungotevere Flaminio, between Ponte della Musica and MAXXI National Museum of Contemporary Art. Metropolita has been attracting attention with its vibrant crowd spilling out of the front door. On regular warm nights, the exterior tables, and the indoor tables on both levels are full.

It’s a place to chill with cocktails in hand and light meals to go with them, the modern Roman way.

Metropolita is an inception of three people who all had previous experiences in the restaurant and bar scene. It was conceptualized collectively by proprietors Roberto Rabaglino, an architect and entrepreneur in the restaurant sector and brothers Roberto and Carlo Annessi, the latter, a barman who had vast experiences in the Roman club scene.

At its imposing corner in the Flaminio area, Metropolita intends to be the new cradle in the local scene for great cocktails and food where relaxing and enjoying the nightlife is foremost. It has the right elegant and modern atmosphere for those who like the active lifestyle where every moment is a unique journey and every sip and every bite is an experience of taste.

At the bar are bartenders Federico Vannelli and Giovanni Badolato who can create drinks from the simplest recipes to the more complex structures. While Metropolita doesn’t have a full kitchen, Chef Giorgio Baldari’s proposals in the menu perks the cosmopolitan gastronomic curiosity which are at par with the cocktails. The menu is  substantial with appetizer plates, raw carpaccio and tartare dishes of meat and seafood, panini (sandwiches), salads, platters of salumi and cheese, and a selected few of simply cooked dishes. The desserts are recommendable so do leave some space for them.

The prices are very reasonable at €6 for the appetizer plates and €8 for the salad entries as well as the panini. The platters of prosciutto and cheese vary between €9 and €18 for (small and big) selections of Italian and French cheeses. The meat and seafood carpacci, tartare and cooked dishes range between €10 to €15 while the desserts are all priced at €6 each. Do try the Polpo alla Galiziana, Pecorino, Patata alla Menta e Zabaione Salato (Octopus in Galician Style, Pecorino, Potatoes with Mint and Salty Zabaione) at €12.MetropolitaRome18


Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, 2
00196 Rome (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 06 324 0249
Email: info@metropolita.it
Website: https://metropolita.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metropolita.roma/
Open daily from 18:30 to 2:00 except Sundays