Phenomenal Flavors of the Sea at Bistrot 4.5 in Rome, Italy

Bistrot 4.5 is located along a quiet road in E.U.R. It has a nondescript entrance but as you move into the long rustic dining room with whitewashed wooden flooring and panels, a dynamic setting with a laid-back mood awaits you. Vibrant colors stand out from the paintings collected from juvenile detention centers and table runners on top of glass, steel and wooden tables. Here, along with his dining staff, Maître Ruggero Penza guides you to a gastronomic journey in a perceptive and professional manner. Ruggero joined Bistrot 4.5 after staying at Michelin-starred Roman restaurants Guida Ballerino and Aroma.

In the kitchen is Executive Chef Guido Boemio with the help of his crew, who presents his distinctive culinary identity to the diners.

More seafood than meat, Guido expresses his dishes from peasant cooking to a high level of cooking spearheading the philosophy of tradition. From tradition and vast exposure to different kitchens, his creativity evolves to more complex flavors that he loves to depict in his dishes. His inclination for seafood in his kitchen springs forth from his early childhood influenced by his father’s fishing and cooking.

Culinary education at Pellegrino Artusi in Rome paved the way to knowledge to techniques followed by professional experiences in some important kitchens in Italy. Among them are Relais Les Jardin of Lord Byron Hotel in Rome, Les Jardin de Russie in Rome, Ristorante De Pisis of the Bauer Hotel in Venice, Chesa Veglia Restaurant of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Castel Gandolfo Golf Club, and Gaetano Costa Le Roof of the Grand Hotel Ritz in Rome.

Proprietor and musician Alberto Mennini, along with his wife, Anna Laudante, combine music, culture and gastronomy at Bistrot 4.5. The aim is to have a casual atmosphere where the guests can savor the most authentic side of the sea even in the city. The ingredients are well-chosen according to their quality and seasonality. The wines are thought-through, most coming from small to medium producers, for their excellent characteristics that can accompany the chef’s creations.

Lunch and dinner menus are different from each other, with regards to both prices and proposals.

The menu caters to everyone and it offers a prevalence of seafood proposals with a few options for meat and vegetables. Catering to the working clients around the area, the lunch options are simpler and more economical. It is with the dinner menu when Guido brings out his noteworthy creations.

For the dinner menu, the appetizers are priced between €12 to €22, the latter being a platter of raw seafood. First dishes of pasta and risotto average at €17 while the main courses are between €12 to €22, the latter being the meritorious Pesce in Zuppa (Fish in the Soup). Served at the contrary, pieces of varieties of fish are served in a bowl while the thick soup is poured on them upon serving. Doing the scarpetta (an Italian way of mopping up the remaining sauce on the plate with pieces of bread) is recommended. Desserts are about €7.

Often, the chef creates new dishes which can be outside the menu especially if you try the Tasting Menu at €45.

Guido’s creativity ignites distinctive flavors and their worthiness need to be tried. If available, do try the Cod Tempura on a Bed of Taggiasche Olives and Reduction of Onions, the Smoked Raw Mackerel, the Shrimp-Filled Ravioli with Burrata and Black Truffles, Gentile Spaghettone with Octopus Ragù, Pork Coppiette and Ginger.

Bistrot 4.5

Via Amsterdam, 140
00144 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 96526645