Pàlato Cafè & Bistrot in Molfetta, Italy: Three Floors of Pure Magic

The town of Molfetta is an ancient small fishing town in Puglia along the Adriatic Coast with fishbone-shaped alleys lined with houses made with tuff. It is another one of Puglia’s ancient architectural treasures that are frequented for its relaxed small town seaside atmosphere.

Just a few steps from its ancient door is the entrance of Pàlato Cafè and Bistrot.

It has a small unassuming entrance that takes you directly to the cafè and as you go deeper inside the building, it opens to an unexpected palatial space of three floors. The architecture with a particular balcony inside is that of the 18th century and it is one of the first buildings that were built in the ancient town. Historically, the building is called Palazzo De Luca and inside the building is the Chapel of San Giuseppe which was built much ahead by the desire of Don Martio De Luca, thus it’s name.

At Pàlato, there is a maze of different rooms located on three floors.

The ground floor has the cafè at the entrance that opens first thing in the morning and a dining area of the bistrot. The middle floor has a number of beautifully frescoed small dining rooms while the last floor has a large room for private events.

The open kitchen allows the diners to have a peek at the workplace of the chefs where they transform the raw materials to finished dishes. The cuisine at Pàlato is Mediterranean where the seafood used come from the Adriatic Sea and fresh ingredients that are sourced from the area. Like all good restaurants in the region, Pàlato is no exception to serving excellent dishes of optimum quality. The Calamarata with Tomatoes and Lobster is an example of a traditional Italian seafood dish that exalts in the hands of Pàlato’s chefs. The Carpaccio of Catch of the Day, simply dressed with good Apulian extra virgin olive oil, pink peppercorns, lemon and salt is a very pleasant platter to start a promising exquisite meal. And do pair the dishes with the local white wines to get a better perspective of how good the dishes can be with the right accompaniment.

The menu is rich with seafood proposals but there are also a number of meat dishes to try.

For the appetizers, platters of Crudi di Mare (Raw Seafood) and Carpacci del Pescato del Giorno (Carpaccio of the Fish of the Day) are at €15 each whereas the rest of the entries are between €9 to €14. The first dishes of pasta and risotto are between €9 to €16 while the main courses are €9 to €14. The desserts are priced at around €5. There are two kinds of tasting menus: Frugale is a selection of cooked appetizers, pasta, a glass of Apulian wine and water at €25. Di Mezzo is composed of 5 selections of cooked appetizers, pasta, main course, a glass of Apulian wine and water at €35.

Pàlato Cafè and Bistrot

Corso Dante, 66
70056 Molfetta (BA), Italy
Tel: +39 328 6180827
Email: info@palato.eu
Website: www.palato.eu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PalatoMolfetta/
Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 10:30 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 22:00
Closed on Mondays