Local Cuisine at its Best: Ristorante Sora Maria & Arcangelo in Olevano Romano, Italy

At Ristorante Sora Maria e Arcangelo, the story of the kitchen evolves from the time it was opened in 1950 by Maria and her husband Arcangelo to their son Primo’s turn and now at present, with their grandson, Giovanni Milana who took control of the kitchen at the age of 22. The restaurant has a success story of being frequented and loved by its patrons and the curious lovers of old-fashioned flavors who have sat on their tables for the past sixty five years. A trattoria in its core, Ristorante Sora Maria e Arcangelo soared high to popularity as it became a gastronomic reference in the town of Olevano Romano for the genuineness of its dishes, the sincerity of its raw materials and richness of its flavors for the age-old recipes that they have maintained for years.

Ristorante Sora Maria e Arcangelo is just 45 kilometers east of Rome, a rather short trip that arrives to a modest small suburban town.

It is located on a hilly territory that overlooks a vast landscape which has been dedicated for centuries to agriculture and grazing, the most popular of which are vineyards and olive orchards. It is the home of the celebrated Lazial grape variety Cesanese grown in two distinct areas close to Olevano Romano, Piglio and Affile.

The trattoria of the 1950s has metamorphosed to a restaurant that’s enriched with a new capacity to integrate old flavors with innovative ones but without losing its grip on the territory where it was born.

The kitchen is a delicious step back to the past, mixed with the decisive techniques and goals of a moving forward to a future of possibilities of new tastes.

The seasonal vegetables and fruits are organic and the meats are locally sourced. With a considerable support for small producers and artisans of the territory, Giovanni’s kitchen epitomizes the gustative characteristics of the land. The territory is the protagonist in the kitchen with some novel ideas injected to the backbones of his creations. With a middle position of the two important wine making territories of Lazio, the cellar puts special emphasis to these areas, with the addition of some other well-chosen wine labels from other parts of the Italy and the world.

The affordability of the dishes at Ristorante Sora Maria e Arcangelo is given utmost importance.

The prices are very sincere and for the quality of the dishes that you get for them, you can’t possibly ask for more. The tasting menu of 4 courses (appetizer, first course, main course and dessert) plus amuse-bouche is priced at €35. The appetizers, as well as the first dishes of pasta and risotto are €10 while the main courses are at an average of €15. The desserts are €9.

Ristorante Sora Maria & Arcangelo

Via Roma, 42
Olevano Romano (Rome), Italy
Tel: +39 06 9564043
Email: info@soramariaearcangelo.com
Website: http://www.soramariaearcangelo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoraMariaArcangelo/
Open for lunch and dinner daily except Mondays and Wednesdays