Supplì at Supplizio, A Chef’s Depiction of Street Food in Rome

Supplì is an Italian cylindrical-shaped finger food that’s made of compact risotto with tomato sauce (but can also be without) and cheese, usually mozzarella.

It is dipped in egg, coated with breadcrumbs then deep-fried. It is typical of the Roman cuisine and it has similarities with the Sicilian arancini and croquettes. When broken in two, and the melted mozzarella is stretched to a string which connects both pieces, it is popularly referred to as supplì al telefono (telephone-style supplì).Supplizio 2

A great lover of Roman cuisine and Chef Patron of Ristorante L’Arcangelo, Arcangelo Dandini delivers his fourth Supplizio to the capital.

After five years of successful activity in Via dei Banchi Vecchi, the food box at Mercato Testaccio and Via dei Coronari, the latest addition was recently opened in the heart of Trastevere in Via di San Francesco a Ripa 1, next to Piazza San Callisto.
Supplizio 4Supplì rekindle the lifetime memories of Arcangelo Dandini. He ate them since he was a  child and they reflect places, people, smells and tastes of an entire life. With a few bites, they take out many shades of his memory kitchen and at the same time, inspire future innovations in his creations. Along with Fabrizio Piazzolla, Enrico Rusticali and Riccardo Ercolani, he recreates the gourmet vision of his most preferred Roman street food.
Supplizio 3With 105 grams of well-chosen raw ingredients such as aged Carnaroli rice, certified meat, organic vegetables, toasted bread from Roscioli and sunflower seed oil, the supplì at Supplizio are the most delicious novelty that have arrived at its new home in Trastevere.

The menu at Supplizio offers supplì  (€3 each) of familiar Roman flavors of Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Amatriciana, Aja e Ojo (garlic and oil) and Pomodoro e Basilico (tomato and basil). There are also proposals for soup (€6), sandwiches (€6) made with the ciriola, a typical bread from Lazio filled with sausage, chicken and other seasonal vegetables, Mozzarella in Carrozza (€5), Fried Artichoke (€5), and some oven-baked pasta.
Supplizio 7


Via di San Francesco di Ripa, 1 corner Piazza San Callisto
00153 Rome, Italy