Sweet Pastries Take Lead Role at Eat Prato Winter 2019 in Tuscany

On the weekend of 14 to 15 December 2019, the 14th century walled city of Prato will be celebrating the fourth edition of Eat Prato Winter organized by the Municipality of Prato and the Strada dei Vini di Carmignano. Prato, a town just 17 kilometers northwest of its well-known neighbor Florence, has its own treasure chest of important art, history, culture and gastronomy. It is a city with generations of excellent pastry chefs, artisan confectioners and master chocolatiers which houses over 60 pastry shops, biscuit factories and bakeries, thus it is dubbed as the capital of the Sweet Valley. Just some of the well-known traditional pastries born in the city are the Pesche di Prato and 150 year-old Biscotto di Prato or better known as Cantuccio.

Eat Prato Winter is an event that sees the participation of the city’s pastry chefs, bakeries, restaurants, mixologists, as well as museums, monuments, churches and villas for extraordinary openings. It’s a major celebration of the traditional flavors of Prato combining the food, wine and cocktail culture with delicious itineraries of tastings and guided tours unfolding throughout the city from morning until night time.

Following the tradition of Eat Prato Winter, on the 13th of December for the preview of the event, Pastry Chef Paolo Sacchetti, Vice President of the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani and his son, Pastry Chef Andrea Sacchetti of the award-winning Pasticceria Nuovo Mondo will be giving a pastry show preview of the unpublished dessert which is a mixture between sweet and savory that he will be creating especially for Eat Prato Winter 2019. This special dessert will be among the collection of contemporary signature cakes that will represent the city.

On 14 to 15 December, from breakfast time until late at night, Prato will be on its feet showcasing a full itinerary of showcooking, tastings, tours as the city’s prominent pastry chefs and talented bartenders as they create their original recipes just for the occasion. For the first time this year, Eat Prato Winter will be giving a leading role to pastry pairing, a combination of desserts and cocktails together. To present the first pairing on the 14th of December will be the emerging talent Pastry Chef Luca Borgioli who will be creating a new dessert to be paired with a cocktail prepared by Barman Enzo Russotto.

Having the highest percentage of breakfasts consumed in pastry shops and being an important custom in Prato, the event will be starting with small baked masterpieces by pastry chefs first thing in the morning.  From the scendiletto, berlingozzo, pan brioche, biscotti della salute, pan con l’uva, crostate, zuccherini di Vernio, mantovana, and giulebbe with figs of Carmignano, are just some of the many traditional pastries of Prato that will be present during the weekend.

For the full program of activities, refer to the official site of Eat Prato.

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