Gina Restaurant: Gourmet Comfort Food a Step Away from Piazza di Spagna

Gina, stylishly spelled with light bulbs in a wide window generates a chic facade. The contemporary all-white minimalist look with splashes of black and gray accents give the 40-seat restaurant a modish nod to its diners. Played up with cushions and wood give the tone of a relaxed atmosphere. Fifteen years after its inauguration, Gina went through a redefinition of its concept. The refined restyling of the restaurant and the arrival of its new chef, Stefano Monaco, brushed a stroke of fine-tuning to its new formula between taste and hospitality where comfort food becomes gourmet.

Its location just off Piazza di Spagna gives it a more sober perspective of the center of Rome. Via di San Sebastianello is a postcard-like alley at the foot of the Pincio, nestled between the steps of Trinità dei Monti and the walls that rise towards Villa Borghese. It is a peaceful oasis that’s quintessentially Roman that visitors are also fond of, but capable of escaping the hectic pace of the touristic activities of the nearby Piazza di Spagna.

The atmosphere is informal with impeccability in the dining service given by the Restaurant Manager Maria Cristina Bisogno. Gina is open non-stop from lunch until dinner with its gourmet comfort food formula, a menu that is balanced between tradition and experimentation. The lunch hours can get busy when the area’s shopkeepers rush to get their day’s fill of a good meal alongside tourists who have the curious palate. For those who want to retain a lighter dish, salads are also in the menu. Afternoons of course are much more relaxed with tea and snacks as the chefs prepare for another occupying time of preparing for the dinner guests.

The menu proposes dishes of authentic recipes with excellent raw materials such as Prosciutto di Parma of 24 Months of Aging, Burrata di Andria with Cantabrian Anchovies, Beef Tartare with Dijon Mustard Candied Tomatoes for the range of appetizers between €12 to €16, pasta dishes like the Spaghetti with a Variety of Tomatoes and Homemade Gnocchetto with Clams between €10 to €16, main course of fish and meat like the Catch of the Day between €12 to €24, salads between €8 to €12, and desserts between €6 to €8. The menu is accompanied by a wine list with a selection of good wines that Maria Cristina can help the diners pair with.

Stefano Monaco manages to channel his techniques and creativity into aesthetically well-composed dishes which promise interesting new flavors. Find out about the “Cream of the day”which changes according to the availability of the ingredients and the week’s off the menu proposals, new recipes that the chef experiments with with respect to the seasonality of the raw materials. One surprising thing about the chef’s skills is his capacity to create outstanding desserts – like the Terramisù (tiramisù by the glass in a crumble version) to Zabaione with praline almonds and chocolate drops, or the Coffee Semifreddo with chocolate sauce.


Via di San Sebastianello, 7/A (Piazza di Spagna area)
00187 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06945 18540
Open daily for lunch until dinner except Mondays