The Dynamism of Ristorante Moi’s Cuisine in Rome, Italy

Minimalist, elegant, colorful, youthful, sprightly, that’s how Ristorante Moi is to the eyes and to the palate. There’s a vivacious impression that the restaurant conveys as you see through it from the glass walled restaurant with its concept of wood, bricks and iron. Like its physical scheme, Chef Patron Thomas Moi reflects the same characteristics to his kitchen.

Ristorante Moi was conceptualized by partners Michela Ulpiani, who manages the dining area and Thomas Moi, who directs the kitchen.

Both had prior professional experiences in the restaurant sector before embarking at the opening of Restaurant Moi in September 2018. Michela had been the  Directress of the Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome for years.  Whereas Thomas started young as a chef at I Tre Bicchieri in Ostia with Chef Antonio Chiappini where his passion for his work strengthened then at Osteria dell’Orologio in Fiumicino with Chef Marco Claroni where he got more fundamental training in the kitchen. One of his important experiences included a year’s stint at the kitchen of Apsleys of Heinz Beck in London.

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The philosophy of Moi is the dynamism of the kitchen wherein the proposals in the menu change often because they are based on the rhythm of the seasonality of the ingredients. Fresh produce come from the areas as close as possible, respecting the concept of kilometer zero which assures the freshness of the raw materials.

The creations of the chef are geared towards an innovative style without losing the traditionality of some flavors of the plates.

The Grilled Octopus with Artichoke and Green Potatoes can win your palate with the exalted flavors as well as the Duck Tortelli with Black Cabbage and Persimmon. And don’t forget the Tiramisù with Liquid Coffee, a divine spherical version of a light mascarpone ball with liquid coffee inside which is probably one of best versions that you can try.

There are two tasting menus available: Ad Occhi Aperti (Wih Open Eyes) consists of four courses plus dessert at €35 while the Ad Occhi Chiusi (With Closed Eyes) consists of seven surprise courses at €45. The à la carte proposals are limited to four for each course with reasonable prices as well. The appetizers are between €12 to €14, the first courses of pasta and risotto at around €14, the main courses are between €22 to €24 and the desserts at around €8. For more precise prices and information, please refer to their website.

Ristorante Moi

Via Antonio Serra, 15
00191 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 87600399
Open for dinner daily except Sundays