Roma 4 Roma: An Initiative Uniting Rome’s Bartenders at The Court in Rome

It’s a very challenging moment for cocktail bars to stay afloat in this pandemic period alright. For a sector that exclusively starts to open their doors in the evening and closes them in the wee hours of the morning, the Covid-19 regulations in Italy completely clash with how they function. But resilience is the key word for the bartenders. There’s an energy that keeps them going and they find comfort from the loyal clients who support them in their endeavors. With the limited window of a daily schedule until 18:00 and a reduced capacity of clients, nothing hinders their vivacity as great times continue in the capital.

Roma 4 Roma is an initiative that unites Roman bartenders in Rome in support of each other in this particularly difficult moment. It is a weekly appointment that gathers Roman bartenders together in one beautiful venue. The Court, located inside the 5-star luxury hotel Palazzo Manfredi, is one of the city’s trendiest cocktail bars that bestows a phenomenal view of Rome’s iconic ancient Roman monument, the Colosseum. Flanked by two high walls with a 7-meter long travertine counter on one side and living room on the other side, The Court resembles an open air theater with a widescreen view in front – the majestic Colosseum and the Ludus Magnus, the ruins of the greatest gladiatorial school of ancient Rome.

The idea, in response to the limited opening of the cocktail bars in the capital, was developed by The Court’s Bar Manager Matteo Zed. “The rules established by our decision makers, in addition to limiting the hours of the bars, have forced, in some cases, to close some of them. I imagined how many customers will have felt orphaned in their favorite bar. So I thought about putting together some bars here at The Court. For one day a week, our counter will host a bartender from the list, which if numerically cannot contain everyone, however, intends to be symbolically representative of the Roman bars, now in great suffering. Fortunately for us, despite everything, The Court is active and working. I liked being able to share spaces, even if for a few hours, with other colleagues, many of whom were out of work, ” states Zed.

The initiative is supported by a number of companies that have enthusiastically welcomed the idea and that during the evenings will pay homage to the guests with some gifts. It is a small but highly significant gesture for a sector in severe crisis. Thanks to the sponsors, the Roma 4 Roma cocktails will have a lower price than the standard of the venue which will be €8 to €10.

“This idea, without the widest possible participation, would not make sense. The problem was the costs, which for us are certainly in line with other structures of the same level, but on average quite high. I contacted the major companies we work with and with which the other bartenders have a strong relationship of trust, receiving the okay to proceed. The support of the brands was fundamental and I thank them for that. Moreover, the leftover bottles, at the end of the event, will be left to the guest, it seems to me at least a duty. Ours is a sector that needs to remain standing and to live and demonstrate unity of purpose, maintaining, where possible, a direct line even with the most loyal customers, who are the ones who will surely return to crowd the counter when all this long complicated period will have ended. The event, in fact, is also designed for the public. Customers are fully part of the ‘extended’ community of the bar and it seems right to give them the opportunity to drink directly from the hands of their favorite bartenders. I want to clarify that this is not the classic marketing operation, with the high-sounding guest. At our counter, well-known and lesser-known bartenders from different places in the capital will alternate,” says Zed.

Roma 4 Roma will take place every Thursday afternoon between 15:00 to 18:00. At the moment, fifteen appointments are confirmed, starting from 4 February to 13 May 2021. For updated schedules and more information, refer to the social media profiles of The Court. Booking is a must to regulate the number of attending guests, in compliance with the current anti-Covid 19 regulations.

Roma 4 Roma Calendar:

4 February – Mario Farulla of The Chapter
11 February – Riccardo Rossi of Freni e Frizioni
18 February -Silvia Carpene of Buseto / Roman Popovici of Jigger
25 February . Patrick Pistolesi of Drink Kong
4 March – Andrea Pomo and Raimonda Basso Bondini of Jerry Thomas
11 March – Marco Zampilli and Christian Ricci of Ru.De
18 March – Joy Napolitano of The Barber Shop
25 March – Roberto Artusio and Cristian Bugiada of La Punta
1 April – Pasquale Viscito of Empire / Daniele Arciello and Edoardo Coticoni of Stadlin
8 April – Michele Ferruccio of Treefolk’s / Giulia Castellucci of Co.So
15 April – Valeria Bassetti and Emanuele Broccatelli of
22 April – Luca De Nardo, Jacopo Pitanti and Lukasz Kloc of Drop
29 April – Daniele Armaro and Luca Giovanrosa of Latta
6 May – Egidio Fidanza and Mattia Ria of Blind Pig / Ludovico Lembo and William Santamaita of Tale
13 May – Alessandro Simeone of Acquaroof / Alessandro Clementini of Quintessa

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