Suburra 1930 – Liquors and Kitchen in Rome, Italy

Mauro and Lorenzo gave their two-storey restaurant a breath of fresh air as they went for a glamorous makeover from the menu to the overall design of Suburra 1930. The dominating color of lime green compliments the dark 1930s Art Deco style of Suburra 1930 with splashes of monochromatic green palm leaves on the walls, different shades of marble and inserts of gold.


On the ground floor, there is an open kitchen on one end where Chef Alessandro Miotto creates his delectable dishes while the cocktail bar on the other end completes the look where the bartenders stir and shake their energizing cocktails. During the warmer days, an aperitif outdoors is one of the best ways to witness the Roman life in one of the oldest quarter of the capital.

Suburra 1930 is a restaurant that’s located in Piazza Suburra, the oldest square in Rome. Suburra was a densely populated area in the city of ancient Rome where the lower class lived and it was also the notorious red light district of the city. Julius Caesar, one of ancient Rome’s most powerful and important emperors grew up in this area. Needless to say, it’s a district of Rome that played a long and substantial role in the history of the Roman empire.

With the reformatted Suburra 1930, Chef Alessandro Miotto generated an eclectic menu of traditional Roman-inspired dishes splashed with diverse spices and flavors of the world. Be it fried, vegetables, raw fish or meat, you will definitely be allured with the extensive tastes that he creates. You will also find five representations of cooking salted cod and a rich variation of street food that go perfectly well with their proposed cocktails for aperitif or after-dinner drinks.

In view of the reformulation of the restaurant with its more creative menu, Suburra 1930, has conceived a series of cocktail and food pairing events to feature the new-found variations and blends.

The concept is for the guests to discover the flavors that inspire their palates while enjoying a nice evening in a beautiful part of the city. There are 4 events divided into seasons wherein each event is dedicated to food and drinks. The first season transpired between June to November 2017. After its huge success, Suburra 1930 has introduced its second season which transpires between February and May 2018. Each event has a very reasonable price of €18 that is comprised of 4 tasting dishes accompanied by 4 drinks.

The second season events are:
27 Febraury 2018: Tradizioni e Liquori Italiani (Traditions and Italian Liquors)
20 March 2018: Cacao in Piatto e Rum (Cocoa In the Dish and Rum)
17 April 2018: Baccalà e Gin (Salted Cod and Gin)
22 May 2018: Street Food e Fizz (Street Food and Fizz)
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Suburra 1930

Piazza Suburra 13 – 15
Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0648905713
Open daily from 18:00 to 2:00
Saturdays and Sundays: Open for lunch too, 12:30 to 15:30