Let’s Get Romantic with Rome’s 2020 Best Valentine’s Day Menus

February 14 falls on a Friday this year and that gives more reason to hold everything and treat yourself and your partner to a relaxing romantic dinner. If you are in the Eternal City, there are a lot of suggestive places to choose from from small cozy restaurants around the corner to a more posh location where you are presented with an outstanding panoramic skyline of Rome or an elegant Michelin-starred restaurant. Whatever it is that  you are in the mood for, this list of restaurants assures you of high quality as the focal point of the kitchen and menus that you will both love.

Ristorante Vista Casina Valadier

Address: Piazza Bucarest
Tel: +39 06 6992 2090
Website: https://casinavaladier.com/en/restaurant-vista/

Built in 1816 and 1837 in Neoclassical Style, Casina Valadier is one of the most fascinating places in Rome. It is located in the heart of Villa Borghese on the Pincial Hill. From Ristorante Vista, you can see a beautiful panoramic view of Rome through the large glass windows.  Chef Massimo D’Innocenti prepares revisited Italian and Mediterranean cuisines that is matched by an excellent wine list.

Valentine’s Menu of Ristorante Vista Casina Valadier
Price: €150 per person (flute of champagne and Arnaldo Caprai wines included)

Sicilian red shrimp, passion fruit, caviar
Octopus with smoked paprika and roasted catalana
Ravioli filled with Vacche Rosse parmigiano, veloutè sauce and marinated egg yolk
Veal fillet in bread with black truffles, purèe and chips of tubers
Mont blanc, crumble with cocoa and gelato of squash from Mantova
Dried pastries with zabaione

Idylio by Apreda

Address: The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, Via di Santa Chiara, 4A
Tel: +39 06 87807070
Email: idyliorestaurantl@thepantheonthotel.co
Website: https://www.thepantheonhotel.com/idylio-by-apreda/

Located on the ground floor of five-star The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel a few steps from the Pantheon, this restaurant is as contemporary and brilliant like the whole structure. Francesco Apredo is one of Italy’s most celebrated chefs who has garnered a lot of accolades including a Michelin star which Idylio immediately received after leaving it at his former restaurant, Imago. The kitchen is innovative with strong influences of Roman and Neapolitan flavors with touches of Indian and Japanese flavors. For Valentine’s dinner, he is preparing Spicy Night.

Valentine’s Menu of Idylio by Apreda
Price: €150 per person (excluding drinks)
Cuttlefish tartare, Parmigiano, sumac
Sweetbread in cauliflower crust and anchovy sauce
Saffron raviolini and red prawns
Sauerkraut spaghetti, paprika and caviar
Seabass in clay wrap and fennel broth
Veal strips, “soil” and herbs
Gianduja and pungent raspberries

Divinity Restaurant

Address: The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, Via di Santa Chiara, 4A
Tel: +39 06 87807070
Email: divinityterrace@thepantheonhotel.com

Website: https://www.thepantheonhotel.com/en/divinity/

Located on the top floor in the same hotel as Idylio, Divinity Restaurant has a more laid-back atmosphere and has a terrace overlooking Rome to boot. Here, the menu that Chef Francesco Apredo created is different from Idylio, Italian cuisine in an interesting new light with touches of Asian spices and flavors. For Valentine’s, a seafood dinner menu will be served.

Valentine’s Menu of Divinity Restaurant
Price: €150 per couple (including drinks)

Raw seafood tasting paired with Ricci Curbastro Franciacorta Saten Brut DOCG
    -Scallops, yuzu and black truffle
   -Gobbetti shrimp, cauliflower, coconut
   -Salted cod, chicory and raspberries
Kamut fettuccine with seafood puttanesca paired with Ricci Curbastro Franciacorta Brut     Rosè DOCG
Calamari diavola-style paired with Moet et Chandon Impérial Rosé Brut
Dessert from dessert cart paired with a Love Cocktail1L8A7469


Address: Hotel Vilon, Via dell’Arancio, 69
Tel: +39 06 878187
Email: info@hotelvilon.com
Website: http://www.hotelvilon.com/en/

The sophisticated and eclectic details of five-star Hotel Vilòn capture the eyes of every guest but Adelaide Restaurant gives another resplendent aspect of the hotel. Tucked at the end of the ground floor of the hotel is Adelaide Restaurant, a very charming novelty of the Roman gastronomy. The kitchen directed by Executive Chef Gabriele Muro creates classic dishes to revisited ones.

Valentine’s Menu of Adelaide
Price: €75 per person

Infusion of love
Oyster and Moscow Mule
Tomato salad with raspberry vinegar, raw shrimp, mozzarella and salted cod
Linguine with European lobster, crispy brocccoli rabe and black crumble
Cooked and raw greater amberjack marinated in tea, crispy vegetables and sea algae
Chocolate cream and chili with biscuits and praline

Ristorante All’Oro

Address: The H’All Tailor Suite, Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, 25
Tel: +39 06 97996907
Email: info@ristorantealloro.it
Website: https://www.ristorantealloro.it/

Chef Patron Riccardo Di Giacinto characterizes his kitchen as creative rooted in the traditional tastes, wherein he re-interprets the great classics of Italian cuisine into his personalized contemporary way. Ristorante All’Oro is a Michelin-starred restaurant inside five-star The H’All Tailor Suite.

Valentine’s Menu of Ristorante All’Oro
Price: €150 per person (excluding drinks)

All’Oro appetizer (6 creations by Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto)
Roasted maritozzo, red shrimp and mayonnaise
Pork rinds, sea and beans
Gnocchetti pasta with spiny dye-murex, ventricina salami and tabbouleh of aromatic herbs
Tagliolini pasta with scallops and bianchetto truffle
Angler fish with sweet peas and spring onion
Red eggs
Petit fours


Address: La Rinascente, Via Del Tritone, 61
Tel: +39 339 3348585
Email: sanvalentino@madeiterraneo.com
Website: http://www.madeiterraneo.com/

After the success of Madre and Michelin-starred Ristorante All’Oro Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto and his wife Ramona Anello expanded their gastronomic enterprise and opened MadeIterraneo on the 6th floor of the luxury store La Rinascente. Truly Italian, with every plate and every element contains all the taste of traditions with the perfumes of the Mediterranean territories of Europe and North Africa.

Valentine’s Menu of MadeIterraneo
Price: €48 per person (excluding drinks)

MadeIterraneo appetizer
Cod fish cake with light arrabiata-style soup and Taggiasche olives
Button pasta filled with carbonara sauce, crispy guanciale and Roman artichoke cream
MadeIterraneo cordon bleu, provola cheese, chorizo and mashed potatoes
Valentine’s Day maritozzo
Petit fours
Mirabelle - terrazza_low


Address: Hotel Splendide Royal, Via di Porta Pinciana 14
Tel: +39 06 42168838
Website: https://www.mirabelle.it/

The fine dining restaurant inside the luxurious Hotel Splendide Royal has the sophisticated elegance of the Baroque style, its gold details, rosy marbles and plush velvets. It gives the impression of an opulent dining room of the Italian aristocracy in another era. Tables are located indoors and outdoors. The protagonist of Mirabelle is Chef Stefano Marzetti who has been maintaining a kitchen for the past 8 years with unforgettable traits, a mixture of traditional and extraordinary innovativeness with particular links to Umbrian and Roman cuisines.

Valentine’s Menu of Mirabelle
Price: €250 per person (excluding drinks)

Oysters, burrata, passion fruit and chili sponge
Scallop croccantella, guanciale, puntarelle and ginger sorbet
Cod fish of Morro, corn foam and black truffle
Cappellotti with grouper, chickpeas of Spello, chicory and seafood
Blue lobster BBQ with sautèed vegetables in wok and puffed rice
Cuori speZiati (spiced hearts)
Mango mi Cocco…li

The Flair

Address: Hotel Sina Bernini Bristol, Piazza Barberini 23
Tel: +39 06 4201046
Email: theflair@sinahotels.com
Website: www.sinahotels.com

The spectacular panoramic view that The Flair bestows is one of the best in Rome. It faces Piazza Barberini on the Quirinal Hill with the early 17th century Fontana del Tritone sculpted by Bernini standing in its full splendor. The Flair has a capacity of 40 both indoors and outdoors during the warm season. Both ways, dining is rewarded with different viewpoints. Indoors, the dining area overlooks the large open kitchen while Chef Alessandro Caputo and his team prepare the dishes. Alessandro creates a kitchen with indications of Italian and European cuisines marked with French style and cooking techniques. He has a contemporary approach with well-defined flavors that distinctly identifies the ingredients.

Valentine’s Menu of The Flair
Price: €120 per person (including drinks)

Fried artichoke petals and vinegar caviar
Cracker with tomato cream, basil and oil powder
Seared scallop, tuna cream and guanciale
Saffron risotto, mandarin and Malga blue cheese
Salmon, ras el hanout spice blend and fennel
Goat milk panna cotta with caramel popcorn
Dark chocolate praline with rose
Wine selection from our cellar
Water and coffee

Ristorante Livello Uno

Address: Via Duccio Buoninsegna, 25
Tel: +39 06 5033999
Website: https://www.ristorantelivello1.it/

Upon entry to Ristorante Livello Uno, the first thing that you will notice is the complete visibility of the kitchen from the dining area. With a minimally designed glass wall, you can observe how your dishes are prepared by Chef Mirko Di Mattia and his team. His dishes parallel the contemporary design of the place. Linear, precise, highly creative, splashes of colors on hushed color tones. Seafood is the exclusive theme of the kitchen which are sourced from the best of the closest seas.

Valentine’s Menu of Ristorante Livello Uno
Price: €80 per person (excluding drinks)

Welcome prosecco and snack from the kitchen
Tasting of extra virgin olive oil DOP and our production of bread with natural leavening
Platter of raw seafood (1 scampi, 1 shrimp, 1 tartare, 1 carpaccio, 1 oyster)
Black squid, potato and mixed wild herbs
Tagliatelle with seafood, chickpeas, horseradish, crispy bread with bottarga
Turbot, squash and algae
Heart of creamy hazelnut, raspberries and cream


Address: Lungotevere dei Tebaldi, 4A
Tel: +39 06 9489 2076
Website: www.giuliarestaurant.it

In a more tranquil part of historical Rome but nonetheless central in its position, Giulia Restaurant is a lovely place to stop by for an idyllic Roman atmosphere. Industrial setting decorated with the contrasting elegance of upholstered colored seats and wooden furniture, the restaurant, created by Carlo Maddalena, depicts an artistic interspersal of modern and vintage design. On the upper level, Giulia also has three guest rooms, a couple of which have private terraces. The restaurant has a capacity of 45 plus another 10 in the terrace on warm months. The most notable aspect of Giulia Restaurant is the cuisine wherein Chef Pierluigi Gallo heads the kitchen. His talent in cooking stemmed out from the exposure to growing up in his family’s restaurant in Vasto, Abruzzo.

Valentine’s Menu of Giulia Restaurant
Price: €75 per person (excluding drinks)

Amuse bouche
Oyster, crispy chicken and lemon
Raw seafood salad and lettuce extract
Octopus, artichoke and Jerusalem artichoke
Risotto d’Amare and Neapolitan tarallo
Angler, tomato, cappers, anchovies and radicchio
Red financier, mascarpone and passion fruit
Petit fours



Address: Hotel DOM, Via Giulia, 131
Tel: +39 06 31076828
Email: info@ververestaurant.it
Website: https://www.ververestaurant.it/

A restaurant with a London atmosphere immersed in plush red velvets, dark wood and soft lights, Verve is a walk through a timeless elegance. The restaurant is located at the ground floor of luxurious DOM hotel housed in a historical building along Via Giulia. Chef Adriano Magnoli and Pastry Chef Antonella Mascolo welcome their guests with an emotional journey among the flavors of the Italian cuisine. Traditional Roman and Italian dishes mixed with the mastery of creativity defines their kitchen.

Valentine’s Menu of Verve
Price: €100 per person (excluding drinks)

Istantanee dalla cucina
Oyster, passion fruit and almond
Scampi, orange, black lentils and pig’s trotters coppa
Risotto with black cabbage, bottarga and toma cheese
Foie gras, onion, blueberry and squaquerone cheese
Lamb, coratella wafer and field herbs
Pre dessert
Istantanee dalla pasticcera


Address: Hotel Hassler, Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6
Tel: +39 06 69934726
Email: imago@hotelhassler.it
Website: https://www.hotelhasslerroma.com/en/restaurants-bars/imago/

On the 6th floor of five-star Hotel Hassler, Michelin-starred Imàgo restaurant provides a beautiful panoramic view of Rome. Through the large glass windows surrounding the restaurant, the Eternal City’s nighttime image brightened by the romantic play of city lights conspire to that magical place on top of the Rome. Imàgo is an excellent dining experience with the impeccable service and the kitchen of Exceutive Chef Andrea Antonini whose kitchen is a creative reinterpretation of the Italian tradition.

Valentine’s Menu of Imago
Price: €260 per person (excluding drinks)

Welcome snack
Raw beef, radicchio and oyster
Red mullet, foie gras and pomegranate
Roman artichoke
Fusilli pasta with seafood
Yellow risotto with saffron, sea urchin, citrus and bone marrow
Seabass, potatoes and leeks
Beef, rose and beetroot
Millefoglie, vanilla, wild strawberries and balsamic vinegar

Ristorante Moma

Address: Via di S. Basilio, 42/43
Tel: +39 06 42011798
Email: info@ristorantemoma.it
Website: https://www.ristorantemoma.it/

Moma is one of Rome’s newest addition to its circle of Michelin starred restaurants. The young chef is Andrea Pasqualucci who had a very good experience in important kitchens around Italy before he took over its kitchen. His philosophy mirrors what Moma stands for: revolving around simplicity, seasonality and carefully-selected local ingredients from small-scale producers.

Valentine’s Menu of Ristorante Moma
Price: €120 per person (excluding drinks)

Franciacorta grenadine and raspberries
Raw red shrimp, pickled vegetables and buffalo ricotta cheese
Amberjack tataki, mandarin, red cabbage and tarragon
Extra virgin olive oil buttons, sour cream and Trasmontanus caviar
Risotto with DOL sheep blue cheese, beetroot and black garlic
Marango beef fillet, radicchio, grape must and candied shallots
Dark chocolate tart, blood oranges and chili
Petit foursunnamed

Ristorante Unique al Palatino Garden Restaurant

Address: Hotel Kolbe, Via di San Teodoro, 48
Tel: +39 06 69921077
Email: info@alpalatinoristorante.it
Website: https://www.alpalatinoristorante.it/

Unique Al Palatino Garden Restaurant is the gourmet restaurant of the 400-year old historical structure of Kolbe Hotel that’s open to everyone who wish to experience traditional Italian cuisine in a contemporary way. Heading the kitchen is Chef Ciro Tiano, born in the Italian region of Campania and with decades of experience in gastronomy around the world. Starting his career at an early age, his past experiences took him to some important kitchens like the one of Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, the seat of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. He likes to define his cuisine as authentic, combining classic Italian recipes with modern approach, refined manner and aesthetics. In his kitchen, he uses local products and gives maximum attention to the health aspect and balanced appearance of the dishes where fish, meat and vegetable proposals are always present.

Valentine’s Menu of Ristorante Unique al Palatino Garden Restaurant
Price: €60 per person (excluding drinks)

Welcome aperitif
Shrimp salad and spiced cockerel with soy sauce, honey and raspberry cream
Tagliolini pasta with crustacean cream, ginger and pine nuts
Fagottino pasta with cheese and mushrooms
Slice of Angus beef in mole sauce with 70% cocoa and chili
Oriental vegetables and rustic potatoes
Chocolate crumble, pear with rum and cream cheese
Settimo - Sofitel Roma


Address: Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese, Via Lombardia, 47
Tel: +39 06 47802
Email: h1312-fb@sofitel.com
Website: https://restaurants.accor.com/gb/restaurant-1312_R001-settimo-roman-cuisine-terrace-roma.shtml

On the seventh floor of the newly-renovated five-star Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese Hotel, Settimo is a great place to enjoy the picturesque view of the capital in its elegant and vibrant setting. Chef Giuseppe D’Alessio triumphs the tastebuds of the lovers of contemporary Roman cuisine.

Valentine’s Menu of Settimo (Option 1)
Price: €150 per person (excluding drinks)

Flute of Castello Bonomi Franciacorta Millesimato CruPerdu
Oysters and pearls
Cocktail of gobbetti and ginger
Risotto with cream of scampi and Castello Bonomi Franciacorta Millesimato CruPerdu
Trilogy of European lobster, tuna and caramote prawns
Grapefruit granita and essence of rose
Medallions of wagyulem, roasted artichokes and cream of potatoes
Chocolate passion and sweet emotions

Valentine’s Menu of Settimo (Option 2)
Price: €135 per person (excluding drinks)

The same entries as Option 1 except that you have to choose between Trilogy of European lobster, tuna and caramote prawns and Medallions of wagyulem, roasted artichokes and cream of potatoes instead of having them both like in Option 1.

Il Marchese

Il Marchese

Address: Via di Ripetta, 162
Tel: +39 06 90218872
Email: info@ilmarcheseroma.it
Website: http://www.ilmarcheseroma.it/

Il Marchese is spacious and well-illuminated place that enjoys a very central position just a few steps from Ara Pacis and right in the triangular route of Piazza Navona, Colosseo and Piazza del Popolo. Its Amaro Bar that carries 500 labels of amaro blended in a variety of cocktails is quite popular but the genuine soul of Il Marchese resides its osteria. The typical dishes of the Roman tradition are cooked under the eyes of customers and revisited in a modern way to offer a simple but innovative menu. In the kitchen is Chef Daniele Roppo who strives for the taste of genuineness and tradition in his cooking.

Valentine’s Menu of Il Marchese
Price: €45 per person (excluding drinks)

Croquette of creamed codfish
Carpaccio of marinated salmon and citrus fruit
Spaghettone aglio, olio & peperoncino (garlic, oil & chili) and raw red shrimp
Scallop, violet potato and passion fruit
Dark chocolate, raspberries, chocolate and chili crumble
DSC-8459-bar (1)

Donna E Bistrot

Address: Elizabeth Unique Hotel, Via delle Colonnette, 35
Tel: +39 06 3223633
Email: info@ehrome.com
Website: https://www.ehrome.com/en/bar/

Inside another five-star hotel in the capital, Donna E Bistrot is Elizabeth Unique Hotel’s gourmet stop for a tasteful and relaxing atmosphere. It has a collection of creative menus inspired by the traditions of Italian gastronomy and enriched with international inspirations. The wines are exclusively selected by Luca Maroni, a renowned personaly in the world of wines.

Valentine’s Menu of Donna E Bistrot
Price: €68 per person (excluding drinks)

Bites of breaded and fried crepes with ricotta cheese and vegetables on spicy datterino tomato coulis
Raw shrimp perfumed with lime, fennel salad with ginger and almonds
Risotto with raspberries and champagne
Ravioli with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes with basil pesto on light cream of aubergines, pine nuts and raisins
Codfish with ginger and rose hip with new potatoes aromatized with rosemary and tabasco
Chocolate and raspberry mousse with cocoa crumble

Alberto Blasetti / www.albertoblasetti.com


Address: Via Belsiana, 30
Tel: +39 06 69797843
Email: info@pesciolino.eu
Website: https://pesciolino.eu

When you want an youthful and modern restaurant specializing in excellent seafood in the heart of Rome, then Pesciolino is your answer. Its location is very central which is just a few steps from Piazza di Spagna. Chef Fabio Pecelli brings forth a traditional and contemporary cuisine using his best ingredients from the Mediterranean Sea. There is attention to quality and freshnesh accompanied by selections of raw materials that respect seasonality.

Valentine’s Menu of Pesciolino
Price: €70 per person (excluding drinks)

Aperitif with rose water and snack from the sea
Rose of greater amberjack, beetroot and truffle
Buttons of burrata with impepata di cozze (peppered mussels)
Diavola-style wild salmon
Raspberries, rose and Campari


Aqualunae Bistrot

Address: Piazza dei Quiriti, 19/20
Tel: +39 06 31076456
Website: http://www.aqualunaebistrot.com/

Speaking of love, everything revolves around a fountain in Rome for Emanuele Paoloni, the young chef behind the kitchen of Aqualunae Bistrot. It is here where Emanuele grew up as a boy, met his wife Alessandra where he opened his first restaurant. In homage to the magical moment when the moon touches the flowing water of the Fountain of Caryatids, he named it Aqualunae. The restaurant is not only about a love story but also about the fine cuisine that Emanuele has been creating for his guests. Genuine and quality-oriented, let him regale you with his creations.

Valentine’s Menu of Aqualunae Bistrot
Price: €65 per person (excluding drinks) / Wine pairing: €37

Oyster and a flute of prosecco
Tasting of our homemade bread and oil
Seared scallop, endives, foie gras, glazed tomatoes
Carnaroli cacio e pepe, red shrimp, rocket and Jerusalem artichoke
Paccheri pasta with crispy guanciale, tomatoes, octopus, rosemany and marinated broccoli
Avocado carpaccio, spinach, bavetta of greater amberjack, lightly smoked hay, yogurt with curcuma
Pre dessert
Passion fruit semifreddo, chocolate with chili and cat tongue with coconut


Ristorante Chinappi

Address: Via Valenziani, 19
Tel: +39 06 4819005
Email: chinappi@chinappi.it
Website: http://www.chinappi.it/

Stefano Chinappi‘s family has been in the restaurant business for more than fifty years, following the footsteps of his parents’ success in Fornia. He moved to Rome with his wife, Elena and started Ristorante Chinappi in 2006. Now, after fourteen years, his restaurant completely evolves around his family as his two sons joined them. Seafood is his specialty as well as champagne so expect your dining experience to have a family touch with great food and wine.

Valentine’s Menu of Ristorante Chinappi
Price: €99 per person

Welcome with oyster tempura and flute of sparkling wine selected by Stefano
Tuna tartare with algae
Octopus verace according to tradition
Votapiatti of squid
Crumbs of seabass on cream of smoked potatoes
Spaghetti with squilla mantis ragout
Crostata with ricotta cheese and sour cherry jam
BOCCIOLO DI ROSA-spumante, acqua di rose e lychee

DAO Chinese Restaurant

Address: Viale Jonio, 328/330
Tel: +39 06 4819005
Website: https://www.daorestaurant.it/

Straying away from Italian cuisine and taking the gastronomic path to China, DAO is one of the capital’s best bets for a good dinner with Chinese cuisine. Chef Lan Haijie has a wealth of knowledge of traditional Chinese recipes and attention to the choice of prestigious raw materials which he shares with the concept of proprietor Jianguo Shu. Together with dumpling expert Wang Pingjiao and the choices of wine by Sommelier Himorimi Nakayama, a dining experience at DAO can make your Valentine’s dinner uniquely delectable.

Valentine’s Menu of DAO Chinese Restaurant
Price: €45 per person (excluding drinks)

Rosebud (spumante, rose water and lychee)
Fried oyster with Sichuan salt and pepper
Mixture of fish jiaozi including a special with European lobster and truffle (6 pcs.)
Gnocchi with scallops
Sautèed spaghetti with seafood DAO-style
Aromatized European lobster (to share)
Crispy European bass with pine nuts in sweet and sour sauce (to share)
White rice with Chinese vegetables
Artichoke salad DAO-style
Dessert of your choice: Green tea tiramisù or Mango cheesecake

Proloco Trastevere

Address: Via Goffredo Mameli, 23
Tel: +39 06 4559 6137
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prolocotrastevere/

Proloco Trastevere proposes dinner menus (one is vegetarian) wherein the excellence of the region of Lazio is stamped on it. DOL creator Vincenzo Mancino’s menus never fail to remind us to take the artisan path in Lazio to satisfy our palates. Some remarkable raw materials of Lazio are included in the Valentine’s menu used in the lightly revisited traditional dishes of the territory.

Valentine’s Menu of Proloco Trastevere
Price: €50 per person (excluding drinks)

Burrata of Amaseno with anchovies of Terracina and compote of spicy chili in sweet & sour
Meatballs of coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew) with cocoa and celery salad
Picio pasta with glazed lamb and smoked beets
Codfish with cauliflower cream, saffron and vegetables in demi-glace
Dark pane perduto (French toast) with cream of cow’s milk blue cheese and sour cherries

Valentine’s Vegetarian Menu of Proloco Trastevere
Price: €45 per person (excluding drinks)

Vegetables with fondue of fiocco della Tuscia cheese
Vegetarian foie gras on pan brioche
Ricotta and licorice ravioli Mauro Secondi with artichokes
Josper grilled broccoli with its cream and vegetable sauce
Dark pane perduto (French toast) with cream of cow’s milk blue cheese and sour cherries


Address: Vicolo delle Ceste, 28
Tel: +39 06 39379017
Email: info@archivoltoroma.it
Website: https://archivoltoroma.it/

After the success of Barbieri 23, Chef Giorgio Baldari started a new adventure in the kitchen which is located on the ground floor of Boutique Hotel Scenario which is just a few steps from the Pantheon and Torre Argentina. Chef Baldari proposes a kitchen made an authentic kitchen that evolves with the present but remains rooted to the flavors of the past served in a straightforward manner.

Valentine’s Menu of Archivolto
Price: €120 per person (including drinks)

Tastings of oil and pinzimonio of aquaponics baby vegetables
*Gorgonzola cheesecake with oyster tempura and passion fruit sauce or Fondue of potatoes and cheese, egg cooked at 74° and black truffle paired with Fietri Kallistè Rosè Metodo Classico Brut
*Risotto with saffron and scallops marinated with beets or Mezzo pacchero pasta with Roman broccoli and fondue of pecorino and black truffles paired with Palmento Costanzo Mofete Etna DOC / Le Cimate Trebbiano Spoletino DOC
*Catalan-style warm European lobster or Braised beef cheek and cream of rice with black truffles paired with Carlin de Paolo Il Giullare Chiaretto di Monferrato DOC / Fietri Dedicato a Benedetta Rosso Toscana IGT
Fried fritter with English cream and gianduja paired with White spritz with elderberriesGiulio Terrinoni

Per Me Giulio Terrinoni

Address: Vicolo del Malpasso, 9
Tel: +39 06 6877365
Email: perme@giulioterrinoni.it
Website: https://www.giulioterrinoni.it/

A charming restaurant along Vicolo del Malpasso, a side road of Via Giulia where a few outdoor tables are set on the ancient Roman cobblestones fringed with plants greet you. Upon entry, you get to have a view of Chef Patron Giulio Terrinoni and his team of chefs working in the kitchen. Per Me Giulio Terrinoni was born in November of 2015 and soon after, he received a Michelin star after only eleven months of activity. The kitchen proposals are mainly seafood which reflect in the Valentine’s menu. Terrinoni’s innovative cooking is an outsanding journey of Italian tastes and aromas.

Valentine’s Menu of Per Me Giulio Terrinoni

Price: €160 per person (excluding drinks)

Olive of the sea
Amberjack “bollito”
Marinated anchovies
Cuttlefish ragout
Red prawns, Campari, cashew nuts

Calamari, Jerusalem artichoke, bagna cauda, bottarga
Amberjack, lentils, sea urchins
Plin ravioli, turnip tops, anchovies, truffle
Spaghettone, cuttlefish, ’nduja, pecorino, escarole
Seabass, beans, mussels, grill
Green apple, chocolate, horseradish
Chocolate passion
Petit foursala-004

Il Convivio Troiani

Address: Via dei Soldati, 31

Tel: +39 06 6869432

Email: info@inconviviotroiani.com

Website: https://www.ilconviviotroiani.it/

The Michelin-starred restaurant was completely renovated in 2018 with an entirely new concept, divided into four rooms, each with a different mise en place and a story to tell which is inspired by the history of the district. Chef Angelo Troiani creates a healthy cuisine that conveys the Italian heritage of tradition and flavours and reworks it with a light modern key. Since 2013 the restaurant has chosen to take the organic route which is applied to the cooking philosophy and raw materials obtained exclusively from small producers. At Il Convivio Troiani, eating well also means eating healthy.

Valentine’s Menu of Il Convivio Troiani

Price: €140 per person (excluding drinks)

Oyster cabbage couscous, finger lime and pepper foam

Anzio crab soup, peppers and asparagus
Straw and hay, potatoes, agretti, shrimp and scallions

Spaghetti with roasted clams, lemongrass and samphire
Salmon, asparagus, champagne sauce and sea fig, Jerusalem artichoke

Superhealthylight dessert – Valentine’s Day edition